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"OHMYGODDESS!! That gave me chills. Wow! So awesome!!"


-Troy Williams - Executive Director

Equality Utah

TWIG Media Lab

ˈtwig v. to observe and discover meaning. At TWIG Media Lab we find the pulse of ideas. From small to large projects, we make video that reflects the quality and character of our clients.  Check out our work page to see our finished projects and scroll down to see what we have been up to lately.  
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2021 here we go!
All tucked into the new studio, TWIG Media Lab is humming along. We have projects in the
works with the Salt Lake City Arts Council showcasing the eclectic individuals and groups that
participate in the Living Traditions Festival and a documentary in the beginning stages looking
at Housing Affordability. We continue to feel lucky in our collaborations with artists and
organizations that strive to make Salt Lake City more equitable, sustainable, and of course,
Check out our company reel below to experience a showcase of our work.

TWIG Media Lab's

Company Reel

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